Creator of the famous
"Oh my gawd" Meme

Joseph Leflore

In 2014, Joseph Leflore, an Independent artist, gained viral fame after sharing a vine of himself singing "Ohmygod". Despite being widely used and shared online, he received no recognition or compensation for his video's popularity. His video not only has been used by meme creators for the sake of entertainment, but also by companies who exploited Joseph's meme without his consent. With the sale of his NFT, Leflore hopes to reclaim ownership of his video and receive the recognition he has long been denied.


The story of how
Joseph Leflore went viral

Early 2008
When Joseph was only five years old, he discovered his love for singing. He pursued this passion by joining the church choir in 2008, and later even a rock band. Joseph is convinced that the reason his meme became so popular is because of the emotive power of his voice.
December 2014
In 2014 Joseph Leflore gained viral fame after sharing a Vine video of himself and his little brother singing "Ohmygod". Unbeknownst to many, this popular sound had actually originated when Joseph was playing the well-known video game Call of Duty. When his character died, rather than cursing, he sang out "Oh my god, I died." The next day, he and his brother recorded a Vine video, where Joseph redid the sound and his brother was instructed to look delighted.
August 2016
Following the viral success of his meme, Joseph pursued his lifelong passion for music. In 2016, he released his most successful song to date, "18", which was followed by an album titled "More than a Meme". Through this album, Joseph conveyed his frustration at being reduced to a mere meme and not even benefiting of it.
17. Januar 2017
When Vine shut down in 2017, Joseph lost all 53,000 of his followers and had to start from scratch as he hadn't yet established a presence on other social media platforms. Nevertheless, he worked hard to rebuild his following and achieved even greater success than before, with over 2.7 Million TikTok fans.
During this period, Joseph witnessed major companies using his viral meme without compensating him or seeking his permission. This continues to frustrate him greatly as he lacks the financial resources to take legal action against them.

"People are using this and gaining something of it, while I sit back and just watch, no man would want that."

Joseph Leflore "KvngApe"

November 2022
When Vine was shut down, Joseph lost all of his followers. However, in 2022, he was able to get back in the spotlight by recreating his famous meme. Through this effort, he not only regained his lost Vine followers but also exceeded them, amassing over 1.8 million fans on TikTok and 40 million views on that video alone.
28th April 2023
The song really captured the essence of what music means to me, and it deeply connected with the listeners. However, I wasn't able to continiue that success with my other songs or the album. But with the funds raised from the NFT sale, I'm hoping to turn things around and make some positive changes, with more professional production.”

“I feel incredibly grateful to finally have the chance to turn my meme creation into an NFT. It's a beautiful thing to finally be getting the recognition for doing something that I love and was blessed to do. This opportunity will also allow me to invest in my career, my family, or even a home, which would be a huge blessing for me and my family. ”

Joseph Leflore "KvngApe"

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