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Oh my god
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With the help of blockchain technology, the original creators are finally able to benefit financially from their former fame that shaped the whole meme culture on the internet. In addition, creators receive a 5% fixed commission from any second sale of their nft, regardless of whether the nft is sold twice or 20 times.

Blockchain Technology

A Blockchain makes it possible to transmit information in a tamper-proof manner using a decentralised database shared by many participants. In the case of the memes, this technology ensures that there is only one true nft and no copies can be made.


The rise of digital art as a form of expression is a natural progression at a time, when people are spending more and more time online and younger generations are increasingly connected to the internet. However the intense desire in collecting nfts is mainly due to the growing interest in the practical applications of the blockchain.


Our analysis is a very popular tool for our customers, as it allows meme creators to request a free analysis with an approximate asking price in the event of an auction. This Analysis is prepared taking into account various criteria and expert opinions and finally includes an offer, in which Artnerra takes care about the entire conversion of the meme into an nft, the marketing and the sale's process.

Evaluation and classification
of past data

Comparability to previous sales

In this part of the Analysis memes from previous sales are examined in detail in terms of their origin and their peak, in order to ultimately create parallels to the current sale.

Popularity of the meme

The popularity of any meme is usually very unexpected, and once it's there, it's hard to tell how far it will expand.Our experts work with numerous different statistics, evaluate decades of internet precence with impressions likes and shares, to get a rough idea of ​​how many people know this meme. Nevertheless, previous sales show that a high recognition value on the Internet is not automatically associated with an equally high auction price.

The second part of the analysis relates to actual near-term data, where perfect timing is incredibly important for the highest possible return.

Evaluation and classification of current data

Current mood of the crypto/Nft market

Anyone who has actively followed the crypto market in the last few months should have noticed that the entire crypto nft market is very volatile and double-digit price gains or losses can occur within a day. Timing is the key here. That's why we have experts on our team who can anticipate future interest in nfts and the rise of ETH in order to determine the optimal time to schedule the auction.

Duration of the sale’s process

The duration of the scheduled auction goes hand in hand with the current situation of the entire nft and crypto market. Taking other factors into account, this must be timed in such a way, that it runs parallel to the marketing strategy so that enough people who notice, can place a bit.

The second part of the analysis relates to actual near-term data, where perfect timing is incredibly important for the highest possible return.

What we do to achieve record breaking results.

Behind every successful sale there is a hard path full of work, which our team master best through expertise and sensible division of labour.

Analysis and Offer

After the first successful contact has taken place, basic questions and work steps will then be discussed in an initial video conference. Then, if the case arises that the customer wants to explore further on the subject, the Artnerra team stands ready to provide a detailed analysis which, based on various factors, provides an estimated price that the NFT would generate in the event of an auction. If the customer is satisfied with our initial free work, the meme creator can transfer all responsibility for the conversion of the meme into an nft to Artnerra. With this he agrees that in the case of a successful sale, our marketing and conversion costs will be incurred directly from the auction price

Marketing and Sale

After the order has ben placed with Artnerra, there will be a meeting of numerous experts from different parts of the sales process discussing the best way to achieve the highest possible auction price. In addition, an explicit marketing strategy is developed specifically for each individual meme, which aims to address people who would be willing to bid in such an auction. Regarding the sale itself, Artnerra takes care of the minting, the listing and the sale of the NFT

Completion and Payout

The conclusion of this sales process is the end of the auction, which is individually long for each sale and only takes place if the final sale price is above the agreed minimum price. When the deal is done the NFT becomes the property of the new owner and the money is  transferred directly to the wallet or bankaccout of our customer in the preferred currency.

Still not convinced?

By clicking the button below you will find a detailed overview with questions, that many of our customers have asked so far. If your particular issue isn't mentioned there, feel free to address us directly.

Popular memes that have been sold as NFTs

Over the past decade, memes have spread to nearly every aspect of our culture. Recently, thanks to non-fungible tokens, memes have evolved into something no one expected: assets anyone can own.


Trollface was one of the earliest images to be widely accepted, understood, and circulated as a meme in the early 2000s. Carlos Ramirez painted the image in his Microsoft Paint on September 19, 2008. The now-iconic image was first spotted on 4chan and other forum sites before  social media even existed.

by Carlos Ramirez
42 ETH
Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian is an hilarious yearbook photo that was posted online in January 2012 and became an internet sensation. It started as a joke when Ian Davis uploaded a yearbook photo of his best friend Kyle Craven and titled the portrait "Bad Luck Brian". It has been since used by millions of people to laugh at their misfortunes in a fun way.

Bad Luck Brian
Ian Davis & Kyle Craven
20 ETH
Grumpy Cat

For us, Grumpy Cat is probably one of the most adorable memes ever created. In real life, the cat's name is Tardar Sauce and he lived with his owner,  Tabatha Bundesen, in Arizona. The cat became widely known after Bundesen posted an image of her on her Reddit on September 23, 2012. The photo simply read, "Meet Grumpy Cat." And it not only withstood the test of time but also became a truly successful NFT.

Grumpy Cat
Tabatha Bundesen
44,2 ETH

Harambe was a 17-year-old male western lowland gorilla who lived in the Cincinnati Zoo. On May 28, 2016, zoo personnel took Harambe out after a 3-year-old boy climbed into the Gorilla enclosure and was grabbed and dragged by Harambe. The event received media attention as many were outraged by the murder of Harambe . Ultimately, the event turned Harambe into a meme, but this NFT sale was not  a specific meme-related image, but an image  taken by Harambe's official photographer, Jeff McCurry. 

Jeff McCurry
30 ETH
Side eying Chloe

On September 12, 2013, Katie Clem uploaded a video of her two daughters reacting to a surprise trip to Disneyland. In the video, her older sister Lily Clem cries her tears of joy. However,  her sister Chloe Klemm reacts quite differently. Chloe gives her mother a detached look. This sideways gaze quickly gained her attention on social media and is still considered one of the most influential memes of the 2010s.

Side Eying Chloe
Katie Clem
25 ETH
Disaster Girl

Like many memes, Disaster Girl is the product of being in the right place at the right (or wrong?) time. The meme depicts Zoe Roth, then 4, looking at a burning house near her in January 2005. The image shown is part of a series of photos taken by Rose's father, who was with her during the fire. It wasn't until many years later, in 2008, that the photo was shared and went viral.

Disaster Girl
Zoe Roth
180 ETH
Charlie bit my finger

"Charlie Bit My Finger" will forever live on as one of the cutest videos of all time. In 2007 it was uploaded to YouTube, featuring 3-year-old Harry Daviesker and his 1-year-old Charlie Daviesker. After the video has been sold as NFT for $800,000, the brothers are well able to cover their college tuition. The auction itself was a bittersweet event, as the Davies-Carr family removed the video from YouTube,together with the 900 million clicks,highlight the uniqueness and rarity of his 1/1 NFT.

Charlie bit my finger
Howard Davies-Carr
389 ETH

Doge starts with a photo of a Shiba Inu named Kabosu. Its owner, Atsuko Sato, took this photo on February 13, 2010. After this particular photo of Kabosu was posted on Sato's blog along with other now-famous photos, it went viral and is now even the face of Elon Musk-backed Dogecoin.

Atsuko Sato
1,696.9 ETH
Overly Attached Girlfriend

For nearly a decade, Lena Morris' character's overly attached girlfriend has been drawing laughter and audiences around the world. Morris created the video to submit a contest being held by Justin Bieber in which he asked fans to create a "girlfriend" that would be the equivalent of his song "Boyfriend." After being uploaded to YouTube, the video was posted on Reddit and gained popularity.

Overly Attached Girlfriend
Laina Morris

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